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The Brownlow Family Tree and Genealogy

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Sons of the Republic of Texas

Gene Brownlow SRT #09271

Daughters of the Republic of Texas

Tammy Brownlow DRT #30030

Sons of Confederate Veterans

Gene Brownlow SCV #323239
Donnie Brownlow SCV #323752
Johnny Brownlow SCV #323753
Dee Mirick SCV #323238

Family Interest

Paula Jones - Author

Justin Glenn, Ph.D. - Author

Special Monment!

Five Generations of the Brownlow Family.

JD(1925), Gene(1949), Tammy(1970), Johnny(1988), Zackary(2014)

The Brownlow family has a long and storied heritage with many branches on its tree. This website is dedicated to those that came before us and hopefully to provide some insight, facts, and documents to trace our families for future generations.

Our research shows America is home to many different lines of the Brownlow family and our specific line entered the United States at South Carolina.

Information gather by those before us lead us to believe the first of our family to come here was William (born about 1725) and Jane Brownlow entering the US at South Carolina. His family included Jane, John, James, Sarah and Mary. Both John and James continued the family line.

John had three sons, John A., Joseph G and James. Our specific line comes from James and his family that lived in South Carolina and Georgia. James had two sons, George Washington Brownlow and William Monroe Brownlow.

In addition to the Brownlow Family you will find Brownlowe, Mirick\Merrick, Smith, Boykin, Criswell, Sudberry, Rogers, Chapman, Bain and many others.

We will provide links to other web sites with the same interest. Some information may or may not align but we believe each has put their hearts and souls in to trying to present the most accurate information possible.

This website could not have been made without the dedicated efforts of many researchers. I would like to thank past and current contributors but specifically Bette Brownlow and Jason Edwards. Their detail research is an inspiration to those of us that strive to find our history. Some of the documents and pictures have been collected from current family members also and along with items from web research which will be presented with in the context of the Brownlow Family. Some examples will be:
  • Family Pictures
  • Copies of personal documents
  • Copies of documents located on the internet
  • Links to other web sites with documents, pictures and other data related to the family members
  • Family Heraldry and documentation
  • Our Family Tree

Anyone wishing to contact, provide information or that may have questions concerning the Brownlow Family,
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